The Neural Interfaces research community consists of investigators, supported by grants or contracts, who are working in areas that include functional neuromuscular/ electrical stimulation, auditory prosthesis, cortical prosthesis, neuromodulation, microelectrode array technology, brain computer/ machine interfaces and other related areas. The NIH DBS Consortium is an integral part of the Neural Interfaces research community and is a core group of multidisciplinary researchers funded under a series of NIH-sponsored programs to advance technological innovation and further understand the sites and/ or mechanisms of action of Deep Brain Stimulation.


The general structure of the conference calls for a focus on the DBS for day one; day two will focus on neural prostheses for restoration of motor and sensory function; and day three, finishing at 3:30pm, will describe advances in cochlear prostheses and therapeutic effects of stimulation. Similar to last year, there will be a limited number of Platform Presentations; brief, oral reports designed to allow selected poster presentations additional visibility as well as stimulate discussions.


Attendance is anticipated by a diverse group of scientists, engineers, and clinicians, representing the basic and applied science aspects of neural interfaces. The integration of the Neural Prosthesis community and the DBS Consortium during this conference is expected to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience among groups involved in various stages of neural interface development.


Primary support for this conference is provided by the National Institutes of Health. See our sponsor page for a full list of all our other generous supporters.